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If you are a first time user, there are three steps that you must complete to enroll in one of our distance learning courses:
  1. User Registration
  2. Security & Identity Verification (if you wish to enroll in restricted courses)
  3. Course Selection and Payment

User Registration

Prior to enrolling in an S2 distance learning course, you must be registered as a site user.
Site Registration is free.
Simply click on the following link and complete the user registration form:

Once you have completed the user registration form, you will be given the opportunity to request a course access level if you wish to enroll in restricted courses (see next section).

Access to Restricted Courses

Due to the sensitivity of information contained in many course lessons, some distance learning courses are restricted to specific audiences. Our system uses three restriction levels to control access to courses based upon the verified professional status of our students.

Restriction levels for S2 Institute courses are established as follows:

Level 1: No Restrictions.
The information presented in Level One classes is not sensitive in nature. Students that wish to only enroll in Level One classes are not required to complete the security questionnaire.
Level 2: Verified Security Professionals and Investigators.
The information presented in Level Two classes is sensitive in nature and requires verification of the student’s identity and credibility as a security professional or investigator. This category also includes foreign law enforcement and emergency management personnel.
Level 3: U.S. Government Only.
The information presented in Level Three classes is very sensitive in nature and is restricted to U.S. Government employees working in security, law enforcement, intelligence, or emergency management capacities. This restriction category includes U.S. Government personnel and employees of U.S. state and municipal government agencies. Waivers may be granted to government contractors with established security clearances.


Security & Identity Verification

All students applying for admission to restricted courses must complete a security and identity verification process prior to enrollment. Students who wish to enroll in Level 1 (Unrestricted) courses do not need to complete the security and identity verification process and may proceed directly to course enrollment.

The security and identity verification process is simple. Once you have completed registration as a site user, you will be taken to a page thanking you for your registration and provided an opportunity to request a course access level. Click the button titled "Request Course Access Level" and complete our online Security and Identity Verification Questionnaire. When we receive your completed questionnaire, our admissions staff will contact your employer and/or references to verify your identity and statements. Once we have established your credibility, we will grant you a course access level and you will then be eligible to enroll in restricted courses. This verification process typically takes 1-3 business days to complete depending upon how much difficulty we encounter in contacting your employer or references.

NOTE: If you do not request a course access level at the time you register as a site user, you can access the online Security and Identity Verification Questionnaire at any time on the index page.

When you have been granted a course access level, you may enroll in any courses at the level to which you have been granted access. Identity verification is a one-time process and does not need to be completed again unless your employment status changes and you request access to courses at a higher level.

Course Selection and Payment

To enroll in a distance learning course, log in and go to the online catalog page for the course in which you would like to enroll. Click the button labeled “Enroll in this Course”.

Clicking the “Enroll in this Course” button will take you to a shopping cart item for the course that you have selected. Confirm the course in which you wish to enroll by clicking the “Enroll in this Course” button on the shopping cart page and proceed to the shopping cart summary. If the course is restricted beyond your access level or you are not logged in, you will see a message announcing that you are not eligible to take this course with a link directing you to the security policy page.

Once you arrive at the shopping cart summary page, click the button for "Check Out".

*** Once you arrive at the Check Out page, review your order and choose a method of payment. If you wish to pay by check or money order, click the button for "Payment by Check or Money Order." This button will take you to an invoice page that can be printed and mailed to us with your payment. When your payment is received, you will receive notification by email of your payment and you will be able to access the course. If you wish to pay by credit card, click the button titled "Payment by Credit Card." This will take you to PayPal. If you have an existing PayPal account, you may log in to PayPal and pay for the course. If you do not have a PayPal account, scroll down the PayPal Check Out page to the section titled "Enter Credit or Debit Card Information." Enter your credit card information, email address, and create a password. Click the "Continue" button.

Clicking the "Continue" button takes you to the "Make Your Payment" page. Check the accuracy of your order and credit card information and click the "Pay" button to complete the transaction. Once your payment has been processed by PayPal, you will see a page confirming the transaction. Click the "Return to Merchant" button to return to our web site.

Once we receive confirmation from PayPal of your payment, you will automatically receive an email notifying you that your course is now active. Log in and you will find a summary of all distance learning courses in which you have enrolled. Click on the title of the course to open the course launch page. You are now ready to begin taking lessons.

NOTE: Once you have enrolled in an S2 distance learning course, you have 30-days to complete the program before the course closes.